Understand how work actually gets done. Unlock a new kind of knowledge.

Akooda is your AI-driven solution to understanding and navigating the digital, hybrid, and remote work world

Bring back the magic of a few people in a garage to your growing team

Your company is constantly evolving; understand who is working on what and with whom

Your company is constantly evolving
Inflection points are inevitable

Inflection points are inevitable; new people join, new offices open, managers change; adapting fast becomes a competitive advantage

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Some problems involve code, some involve customers, some involve design; but they all involve communications and people

All problems involve communication and people
There is no room for communication silos

There is no room for communication silos, especially in a remote world; uncover your unknown unknowns

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Our technology connects you to your company’s nervous system and keeps your finger on its pulse

Our tech is your company's nervous system
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“Akooda is the solution to our biggest need - moving faster.”
“None of the tools we use capture the nuance of how work gets done as well as Akooda”
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