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Akooda is the world's first Ops Intelligence platform, providing true insights on top of existing SaaS tools used across the digital footprint.

Ensure teams are working on what truly moves the needle

Manage attention as a KPI and understand effort allocation across different projects and customers

Week-by-week share of attention breakdown
Gain end-to-end visibility to an effort’s lifecycle

Gain end-to-end visibility to an effort’s lifecycle

Untangle efforts and diagnose progress and blockers by drilling down to the units of work

Get clarity without the overhead

All using real data that everyone in the company uses, no configuration needed, no human in the loop.

Operational Intelligence. Guaranteed.

World map with different hiring points

Profitability shouldn’t be so painful

Understand your ability to deliver more value across company efforts

Security and privacy first

Enterprise-grade security led by cyber experts.
Not storing any sensitive data and never bypassing existing privacy permissions

Akooda Soc-2 Type-2 AICPA Certification

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